Happy Halloween From Dance Chateau and TerriTam’s Birthday Party

Had such a wonderful time celebrating my upcoming birthday with a wonderful group of people! And SG was just as amazing and wonderful as ever. Thank you all for the warm wishes and gifts, esp. the gifts of love and friendship!  SG and Kitty did a terrific job decoration our clubhouse. And Missy as always did a great job moving our feet. And a special thank you to Aurora who filled in for Kitty on the stage. We missed you and love you, Kitty! TY Miss Shy for giving us a place to have parties!

Even after being online for so many years in one kind of chatroom and the other and now on a virtual chatroom, I am amazed at how you can love and have fun with people you have never actually met (well a couple peeps I have met).  Thank you all for wonderful friendships.  Lots of love to you all!! XOXOXOClubhouse Halloween BDAY Halloween Halloween at DC Halloween at DC.2 Halloween at DC.3 Missy Halloween Aurora halloween SG Catwoman Halloween TT Halloween DC Halloween DC Halloween2 Jolant Halloween Origen Halloween Miss Shy Halloween Raving Alexa halloween Jenny Halloween Booby Smooth HalloweenHappy_Birthday_Territam_xxx

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