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SingerGirl & the Sexy SideKickers

SingerGirl Evie Marie has been performing music professionally for over thirty years.  Several road tours, house gigs and beating the streets for gigs all over the southeast later, she finds herself  performing virtual concerts almost every day and loving it. You can find SingerGirl on,,, and several other grids.  Join her for a show, right from your living room.

Having the versatility to move smoothly through all styles of music, you can find her singing jazz one hour, country the next and then ending the day with a full out rock and roll party.  See past live performances on SingerGirl's You Tube or visit the calendar and catch an actual live performance right from your computer!


Singing in SL has been such an amazing experience, all due to the amazing people I have met.  Thank you all for sharing your time during the SingerGirl shows and special thanks to the SG Team for managing my...everything! XOXOXO

Learn how to join us on SecondLife or Kitely and Hypergrid.


TerriTam - SingerGirl Sexy Sidekicker Dance Team

TerriTam - Sexy Sidekicker

Hi, I'm TerriTam. Some people call me TT, some call me Freaky T (I have no idea I have been on SL since January of 2015. I came to SL(friend convinced me to join) to use it as an escape from the "real world". I have met some really nice people and have made a few great friends.

Back in June of 2015 a friend asked me if I would like to go dance and listen to a singer that he said was very good. I had never been to a Live event on SL, so I said ok. When I first heard SingerGirl Mode sing that first note, I said "very good?" She is awesome and have been hooked ever since. And She has become a treasured friend.

Now I am part of a great family here on SL and I have the honor and pleasure of being part of a great team dancing with SG and Kitty. I like to explore and see the different sims all over SL. With the help of a great teacher (SingerGirl), I am learning how to do things I never thought I would be doing, on SL and OSL, like building and scripts and learning how to get around the Hypergrid,,lol. That is a journey in its own, but a fun journey.

I don't like drama so please don't involve me. I am here to make friends and have fun. I also like to help people if I can. Feel free to approach me, I won't bite unless you ask me too,,,hehehe. And get to know me before you judge me. I am sweet and innocent(some people might disagree) lol, so come say hello. XO

If you need to contact SingerGirl for an event or any reason, but can't seem to get her (her IMs cap daily), give me a shout. I'll connect the dots for you!

Kitty Formal Profile Photo

Kitty - SingerGirl Sexy Sidekicker Dance Team

Kitty Sweet Kitty

Humble beginnings:

I came to SL in December of 2007, can't believe it was that long ago, but it was. My profession in RL brought me to read a newsletter put out by a computer user group, inside it mentioned this virtual world called SL. Christmas was approaching and I was going to have some free time on my hands, so I downloaded the "viewer" and soon was learning all sorts of things. Kitty wasn't even a twinkle in my eye at the time. I was someone else, someone who no longer comes to SL, and I quit around 2010. I played another online game, a castle game, called Call of Roma. That was a team based game and I loved being part of a gang as we plotted overthrows and battles with opposing groups. I enjoyed myself in that, but it wasn't the same, so putting the past behind me, in October of 2012, Kitty was born and I returned to SL.

I immersed myself in music, I explored and made some good friends. I built a real world model of my new office space, so I could move in before I did in RL. This saved much money and time during a stressful relocation. I attended concerts. I did profile photos for friends. Some of my accomplishments include, jewelry making, cake making, script butchery, house building, clothing fabrication helping new folks learn SL and landscaping large sections of real estate. I was never a commercial success at any of these things, letting RL take care of me which enabled me be free to be creative in SL on my own terms.

Meeting SingerGirl for the first time:

On August 16, 2015 I came across Singer Girl performing and what struck me right away was that she friended me on the spot. I was awestruck to befriended by someone so TALANTED, I started to attend her concerts regularly. I soon made most of the shows, becoming a regular. I was shy to make friends with the group though, but eventually I had lots of friends there. I watched as different fans were invited up onto the stage to perform either with instruments or as dancers to perform with Singer Girl.

I so wanted to be invited up, it was my secret wish, I only told some close friends. It would hurt too much to ask, and be rejected.

So I attended the shows and tried to interject interest, humor, warmth and joy in my public expressions. Finally February 27, 2016, Terri asked me if I wanted to come up on stage and dance, I think I said...."YES!!!!" Since then they have not been able to get rid of me, muawwwaaah!

Dancing with Singer Girl, Terri, LilMiss and a few times with Rosie, Gingah, Ginger (the bonus Sexy Kickers) has been the highlight of my virtual life. I experience their respect, friendship and love almost on a daily basis. I am part of their team and I am blessed so to be here.


Jamie Jordan - Recording Engineer

Jamie is the least ostentatious of the crazy SingerGirl Family, unless you push his comedian button of course.  He supports almost every show and when he can records them for review.  Thank you for all you do Jamie!