SG’s Birthday Party 8/16/17

Can we pull off a surprise party or what?????  Thank you all for coming to help celebrate SG's birthday. I'm so sorry for the last minute invite but It went great! You guys ROCK!! And Origen lived up to him name HOT STUFF once again by jumping out of a cake without a shirt!! WOOT WOOT!  I think SG was a little nervous when she saw the cake but got over it when she saw who popped out of it... LOL.  Thank you Origen for being a good sport! And letting us use the Hollywood Bowl!! xo  And a big thank you to Amy and The Funtastics for providing the awesome music from SG favorite singer, Patti Smyth. You guys Rock!!! And I can't forget Molly, Missy and Kitty for all of the help pulling this together so fast.. Big hugs and thank you...XOXOXO.   A big THANK YOU  from our hearts to SG, without you we would not be the special family that we are!!! You are our rock, our foundation that keeps us together. Your love that you show to everyone and the talent you share keeps us coming back for more!! WE LOVE YOU Evie Marie!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and many many more to come!!  XOXOXO  thank you Rogue and Mr. G for the pictures to add! If anyone has pictures they want added,,just send them to me (TerriTam). xoxoxo

 SG BDAY8.16.17.3SG Birthday PartySG BDAY8.16.17.8 Snapshot _ Origen's Hollywood Ballroom & Theater, Hollywood HeaSG BDAY8.16.17  SG BDAY8.16.17.7 SG BDAY8.16.17.6 SG BDAY8.16.17.5 SG BDAY8.16.17.4  SG BDAY8.16.17.2 5Raving Birthday Hat for SG's party 8 7 6  4 2

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