5pm-8pm PST 9/17/17 Irma Can’t Stop Molly!! Encore Performance at HollyWood!!


Irma thought she could keep Molly from being at Singergirl's last rock show at Hollywood!!  Molly lost power so she couldn't attend. But you know Molly, she wasn't going to sit still and let Irma win.  Molly said, "Well think again Irma, you might be bad, but I'm baddest!!"   SG is having an encore performance tonight 9/17/17 from 5pm - 7pm PST.  So everyone grab those rock outfits and head down to Hollywood and Vine for the Last SG show at Hollywood.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone and their families affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma!!  Please join us for a rockin fun night Hollywood! 


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