What Happened During the Week 5/30 – 6/3 2018 on SL and the Hyper Grid (OSL)

Another fun week behind us!  We started the week kicking up the dust at White Horse Tavern and ended the week relaxing at the Drive – In and dancing to some tunes spun by Mini Me Bill.


Wednesday 5/30 White Horse Tavern


Friday 6/1 JohnnyB at The Watering Hole on Inspiration Island on opensim.life

JohnnyB put us in the country mood while SG went tubing around the stage and danced next to the masked man.


Then it was off to Greedy after the show.  We Took a horse ride to the beach.


Saturday 6/2 Zinovia Beach with special guest dancer Leighton Marjoram. Kitty was out of town. We missed you Kitty!


Sunday 6/3  Friends & Family Classic Movie Review Night at the Drive – In on Inspiration Island on opensim.life

The movie was Princess Bride. Great movie!


Then we danced the night away at the Bunker while Mini Me Bill spun some great tunes!

Hope those that came had as much fun as we did!! And hope the ones that missed it will join us for this weeks shows and adventures!!


Stay on the lookout for the next post with this weeks shows and adventures on SL and the Hyper Grid!  SG will have a SPECIAL show Friday at The BirdCage on Leighton’s Grid, You don’t want to miss it!!  Hope to see you there!!!

XOXOXO SG, Bill, Leighton, Jamie, Kitty and TerriTam



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