What a FABULOUS Week We Had 6/6 – 6/10 2018

What a FABULOUS week we had last week.  From ROMANCE to BURLESQUE to NEW YORK to DUNE BUGGIES  and MUSIC in the desert. 


Wednesday 6/6 Romantic music at Windows On The World.


Friday 6/8at The Bird Cage on Out & Proud on opensim.life

Singergirl showed her very sexy side with a burlesque show.  We also met the FABULOUS MzFelicia and Her Boy Toys. MzFelicia Also showed her talents singing and dancing with her boys. Then we all joined together for a FABULOUS ending.

“Everyone is different in their own way. So never be ashamed of who you are. Love yourself and don’t worry about what others think. If they don’t like you because of who you are, then it is their loss. Here in Out and Proud and OSL you are never judged and will always have a family here. Just be as FABULOUS as you can be!”




Then after the  show we got down to business playing Greedy at the Bunker



Saturday 6/9 We traveled to New York to party at the Rockerfeller Club. We boogied down and rocked the house! Even our mascots came to party! Love da cat and da monkey (CrazyCajun). Nathally was so excited she was flying around the room.



Sunday 6/10 Adventure Night on The Desert Oasis on opensim.life.

We went coin hunting in dune buggies. SO much fun and competition. And as usual SingerGirl won. How does a blind woman win every time? We need to find her stash!!


Then after getting our behinds kicked by SingerGirl, DJ Rosa was spinning her heart out with some great tunes. She even joined us on the dance floor. Leighton and SG was dancing on the tables.


Who says you always have to be doing something to have fun and enjoy spending time with friends. Here we are after DJ Rosa’s show sitting down to some lively conversation. You never know what the subject will be, (Naughty or Nice)..LOL.


We missed our family that couldn’t make it to any of the fun.  Hope you can make it next time! If you are interested in joining us and you don’t have an avi for the Hyper Grid, just click here http://inspiration-island.com  and follow instruction to make an avi and join us.


Stay tuned for the next post to see where and when we will be next!!!



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