The Fun We Had During 6/20 – 6/24 2018 on SL and the HyperGrid

We just keep having more fun each week.  Let’s take a look at all of the fun we had!


Wednesday 6/20 We had 2 shows!

BBW on the beach soaking up the sun! And isn’t our mascot (CrazyCajun) so cute?  Love Da Monkey!


Our Next show of the evening was at Windows On The World (WOW)


Thursday 6/21 We were at Ann’s Place Of Grace.

Love Ann’s dancing partner. And TJ joined us on stage for a dance. Doesn’t he look handsome?


Friday 6/22  We had 2 shows on the HyperGrid


Event Plaza on the OS Grid. Sandy wasn’t able to join us, so snik joined us on stage!


Because of computer troubles, Tamra was not able to do her show on Inspiration Island, So Bill and mini me Bill, took over as DJ and we danced all night as he spun so awesome tunes at The Bunker. We even danced on the tables!  We were having so much fun, no one wanted to stop and play Greedy!


Saturday 6/23 Rockefeller Plaza. Nathally (Venue Owner) ever took flight around the dance floor!



Sunday 6/24 We had 2 shows on SL and Grid Crawl on the HyperGrid


The Rose Theater at Angel Manor. What a beautiful venue. And the light show was amazing as SingerGirl sang Jazz and Love songs. I took so many pictures, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!


Zinovia Beach for Relay For Life Benefit. The Super PowerGirls came to fight the fight against Cancer and we raised over 100,000L’s in just an hour! POW! That was a big blow to Cancer! Let’s keep fighting and get rid of Cancer once and for ALL!!


Our monthly Grid Crawl Around the HyperGrid. We met at the Welcome Center Hub on We visited Lunaria and Ivory City.  We chatted on discord during our Crawl.


Lunaria. What a beautiful Grid and AWESOME builds by Luna!


Ivory City. WOW! Beautiful city made with prims, no mesh. They even have a burlesque show you can sit and watch. Great place to visit.


For those that were able to make it to any or all of the events this past week, THANK YOU for coming and showing your support!

And to those not able to attend, we hope you will be able to attend next week!


Stay tuned for what is happening this week. Hope you can join us!!







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