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SingerGirl & the Sexy SideKickers

SingerGirl Evie Marie has been performing music professionally for over thirty years.  Several road tours, house gigs and beating the streets for gigs all over the southeast later, she finds herself performing virtual concerts almost every day and loving it. You can find SingerGirl based on Inspiration Island on  OurGrid.Life and, and singing virtually across the hypergrid.  Join her for a show, right from your living room.

SingerGirl Evie Marie is also the programmer behind - a virtual world in a browser.  Learn more about live performances there on

Having the versatility to move smoothly through all styles of music, you can find her singing jazz one hour, country the next and then ending the day with a full-out rock and roll party.  See past live performances on SingerGirl's You Tube or visit the calendar and catch an actual live performance right from your computer!


Singing online concerts in virtual worlds has been such an incredible experience, all due to the amazing people I have met.  Thank you all for sharing your time during the SingerGirl shows and special thanks to the SG Team for managing my...everything! XOXOXO

Learn how to join us on SecondLife or and the Hypergrid.

SingerGirl Team

TerriTam - SingerGirl Sexy Sidekicker Dance Team

TerriTam - Choreographer and Virtual Bookings

Kitty - SingerGirl Sexy Sidekicker Dance Team

KittySweetKitty - Stage Manager & Designer

Jamie Jordan - Audio Recordings & HG Bookings