Join SingerGirl in SecondLife Virtual World

singergirl-logo-2016We hope you will choose to join us in the virtual world known as!

If you have never ventured into virtual worlds before,  you will be amazed at what is possible and how real it feels to experience life through your avatar’s eyes.

Live music concerts and other events are held all over every day!


  1. Create a SecondLife® Avatar. (this is your virtual body, just like the movie!);
  2. Download an OpenSim Viewer (this software is your doorway to virtual worlds);
  3. Log In to SecondLife Virtual world and search for SingerGirl Mode or TerriTam for a private limo ride to the next show!

It looks like a lot, but it’s not.  Just take it one simple step at a time!


 Signing up with SecondLife® is just like any other process:
To get started go to

Follow the instructions to Create a New Account.

Verify your account via email. Open the email received and follow the instructions to complete the verification, After you verify, close the box.  You can set the options presented later.

So you have created an avatar and can log into your SecondLife Administrative Site, but you can’t yet interact in the virtual world.  Once you have verified your email and are ready to move on, scroll down to Preparation Step #2


Now that we have an avatar, we need to download a viewing software that allows interaction within a 3D virtual world.

We recommend Firestorm.

It seems to be the most universal and the most trouble free.  However, if Firestorm doesn’t work for you, there are many other viewers you can try.  Sometimes video cards in your computer have trouble with one viewer, but work fine with another.

Firestorm Viewer Download:

Once on that page, choose your operating system and 32/64 bit options just like you would any other software and install it.

If Firestorm is not compatible with your system , you can learn more about other viewers here:

If you are not sure about compatibility, don’t worry.  We will find out in a moment.  If you complete the next step and everything looks right, you are good to go.  If you log in and everything looks pink…you might need to try another viewer option.  All viewers work relatively the same.  Sometimes options are in different places and you just might have to explore a bit to find what you need!

3. LOG IN to SecondLife

 Once you have created your avatar and downloaded your viewer it is time to LOG IN!

Open your viewer software.

  1. Enter your log in name and password.
  2. Choose the SecondLife Grid from the menu.
  3. If you have what is known as an SLURL (a web address for the specific location inside SecondLife) then paste that in the START AT box.  If you don’t have it, just leave that blank.
  4. Click log in.  If it is your first time, you will be teleported to a Newbie Welcome Center.


FINDING SingerGirl and the Sidekickers at a Show

  1. On your toolbar (usually defaulted to the bottom of your screen), look for the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon.
  2. On the window provided, click the EVENTS tab.
  3. In the search box type:  SingerGirl
  4. This will bring up a list of shows, click the link for the desired show and choose the TELEPORT button.


In the same search window, click the people tab and search for TerriTam, KittySweetKitty or SingerGirl Mode.  Send them a private message and request a teleport limo or ask for any other help you need.

Imagine, live music in your living room every night of the week, from SingerGirl and other artists all around the world.  Not to mention so many other things you can do and experience, all while meeting amazing friends. Hope you choose to join us today!